About Us

PT Mobil Anak Bangsa Indonesia (MABI) is an automotive company committed to the future of Indonesia and the world. Founded by renowned visionary entrepreneur and former military leader, General TNI (Retired) Dr. Moeldoko in 2017, MABI was born out of the desire to support the Indonesian Government's ambitious plans for sustainable energy and climate action.

MABI is leading the charge towards a greener, more sustainable future through cutting-edge research, development, and manufacturing of high-quality electric vehicles and their supporting industries. With seven subsidiaries dedicated to every aspect of the electric vehicle supply chain, from production and distribution to spare parts and infrastructure, MABI is at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution in Indonesia and beyond.

MABI’s subsidiaries:
  • PT Mobil Anak Bangsa
  • PT Motor Anak Bangsa
  • PT MAB Transportasi Indonesia
  • PT MAB Sparepart Indonesia
  • PT MAB Distributor Indonesia
  • PT MAB Land System
  • PT MAB SPLU Indonesia


At MABI, our vision is to be a shining example of what's possible when innovation, sustainability, and performance come together. We're committed to transforming the Indonesian automotive industry with our state-of-the-art electric vehicles and supporting infrastructure, paving the way towards a greener, more sustainable future.


MABI's mission is to drive sustainable progress and prosperity by delivering world-class electric vehicles and supporting infrastructure powered by renewable energy. By reducing pollution and embracing innovation, we're proud to represent Indonesia's best quality products to the world and generate energy for the nation's future.

Team Management



General TNI (Retired) Dr. Moeldoko is a former distinguished military commander, a visionary entrepreneur, and committed public servant. Throughout his decades-long career, he has received numerous accolades, including the prestigious Adhi Makayasa medal for his outstanding academic performance. Dr. Moeldoko's military career highlights include serving as Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) from 2013 to 2015. He currently serves as Chief of Staff of the Presidency for President Joko Widodo and Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Farmer's Harmony (HKTI).

Board of Commissioners

President Commissioner

Mr. Sulistyo is a highly accomplished Indonesian business leader with a distinguished track record of success. Mr. Sulistyo also serves as Chairman of PT ACR Global Investment and has extensive experience in holding key leadership roles in influential companies such as PT Rajawali Corpora and PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk. His deep knowledge and expertise have played a crucial role in the success of the companies he has led, helping to guide them towards greater growth, profitability, and sustainability.

Mr. Sulistyo earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from California State University, USA in 1988.


Mr. Bimantoro is a former Director of PT Ammana Fintek Syariah and President of PT Sukses Mulia Persada. Randy's expertise has helped to guide these companies towards greater success and growth, and his experience also includes serving as Vice President of PT Solusi Paramita and Marketing Director of PT I-Tutor International. He is an active member of the PPGM FKPPI organization, serving as Deputy General Treasurer.


Mr. Ewijaya earned his Bachelor of Economics degree, majoring in Accounting, from the University of Gadjah Mada. He has held important positions at many reputable companies, including Deputy Managing Director of Investment for PT Rajawali Corpora (2005-2015), Head of Business Planning & Operations for PT Topindo Atlas Asia / Top 1 (2004-2005), Business Planning Manager for PT Mead Johnson Indonesia (2002-2004), and Finance Manager for PT GE Lighting Indonesia (1998-2002). Currently, he serves as President Director of PT Dharma Samudera Fishing Industries Tbk.


Mr. Sulistyo is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and led several businesses spanning from agriculture to technology. Currently, he serves as Founder and President Director of PT GFP Organik Indonesia, Director at PT ACR Global Investments, Director at PT. Netzme Kreasi Indonesia and Commissioner at PT. DSFI Tbk. Prior to this, Mr. Sulistyo started his career in prominent investment banks, including BNP Paribas and JPMorgan Chase. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance from the University of Washington.

Board of Directors

President Director

Mr. Irwantono received his Bachelor of Economics, majoring in Accounting, from the University of Gadjah Mada in 1996. His career has included serving as a director at PT Perdana Gapuraprima Tbk, Director of Finance and Corporate Secretary at PT BW Plantation Tbk, auditor at Hans Tuanakotta & Mustafa Public Accountant (a member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu), Head of Corporate Accounting at PT Bimantara Citra Tbk, and PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk.


Mr. Supandji was born in Magelang on December 19, 1962. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Trisakti University Indonesia in 1988. He has extensive work experience in various automotive companies in his homeland, such as PT Suzuki Indonesia Manufacturing, PT Suzuki Engine Industry, PT Indomurayama, and PT Bakrie Motor.


Mr. Rahman was born on October 25, 1979. He graduated from Brawijaya University with a major in Electrical Engineering. His willingness and ability to learn quickly about new things brought him to the M-Tani Group, where he now serves as Vice Director. He is also President Director of PT Mitreka Cipta, a trading company for High Speed Diesel, as well as President Director of PT Moelti Direct Transaction, a digital corporation that develops community, news, and marketing.


Joanina is a passionate marketing professional with outstanding experience. Her career includes positions such as Brand Manager at PT Citramulia Tbk., Curriculum Developer at Hult Net Impact Chapter in San Francisco, USA, and Associate Marketing Strategist at Outdoorsy in San Francisco, USA. She received her Master of Social Entrepreneurship from Hult International Business School in San Francisco, USA in 2016.